Pre-Marital Counseling

Speaking of premarital counseling, and why is it we need it? Oftentimes when people meet and fall in love, the thought is everything will be great for ever. The idea that “We are so in love,” works only for so long. After the initial rush of emotions and hormones have subsided and couples are starting to feel the trials and tribulations of everyday life, they start to recognize the differences between them and their partner. This in turn can start to cause some conflicts in the relationship. We see ourselves as good people and usually are reluctant to accept that we may be wrong. However, just because you're a good human being does not mean that you are always going to be right and get along with our partner.  Our partners are also good human being, but they come from a very different perspective than ours and may not go along with all our ideas. 

In premarital counseling we assess couples, each of you individually, we talk about your similarities and areas of strength, as well as your differences. We also talk about what makes a marriage or a relationship work. We coach you on how to speak with each other, how to speak so you are heard, and how to hear without bias. We know that with good communication and good intentions, we are able to accomplish a lot of good things. So, in premarital counseling, our job is to help you recognize your partner's strengths, and see your own blind spots, your own areas of growth. Learn to talk to your partner openly and honestly so you can share with them your hopes and dreams, as well as your fears and triggers. The more you are able to open up to each other, the better are the chances of you having an honest and meaningful relationship.

As your therapists, we help you navigate this journey even before you get married, so that you are best equipped to meet each other’s needs in your relationship together.